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Chris Rush

Chris Rush

Chris is the Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer of the nonprofit New Classrooms Innovation Partners where he leads the overall conceptualization, design and implementation of the School of One/Teach to One personalized learning programs, which were named one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions of the Year. Chris currently serves on the board of Arbor Brothers Foundation which focuses on enabling social entrepreneurship. He sits on a number of advisory boards including Transcend Education, ABL Schools, and ReUp Education.

Previously, Chris led the design and development of Amplify Education’s mCLASS reporting systems as well as worked for the NYC Department of Education, co-leading the design of their citywide parent, teacher and administrator longitudinal data system. Prior to that, Chris specialized in financial management & IT development services at IBM. Early in his career, Chris founded a pair of small tech startups as well as worked for the Upper Dublin School District in suburban Philadelphia, where he taught earth sciences at their environmental education center.



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