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Bridget Kehoe

Operations Coordinator

Bridget is the Operations Coordinator for the Alliance. She is experienced in the daily operations of nonprofits, with strengths in communication, utilizing her analytical mind to fine-tune processes and procedures for optimal results. Team-oriented, she takes pride in providing the best possible environment to allow for goal achievement. Within this role, her goals include building on Alliance’s sense of inclusivity and intersectionality, while building on the workplace culture to clear the pathways toward success for all teams within the organization.
Bridget has held a multitude of roles within the nonprofit sector, covering both finances and constituent relations. She takes pride in her ability to problem-solve and build relationships, fostering environments which allow for maximized efficiency of all teams. Throughout her career, Bridget has worked closely with various communities in executing fundraising events to the effect of thousands of dollars raised. In finding the right committee members for roles, she has allowed individuals to contribute to their community through their passion. 
Bridget was raised in Norristown, PA; where she is currently residing. When she isn’t working she loves spending time with her family and friends and being outdoors with her dog, Chance. Her passions include cooking, travel, and music; tying these loves into her time spent volunteering equity-focused community organizations.



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