Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

Dave Lenowitz

Dave Lenowitz

Senior Advisor and Community Liaison

Dave’s passion for developing decision skills began during college, when he worked as a clerk for option traders on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. This led to a career as a trader in various markets and products, both in the US and overseas. Over time, and out of a need to improve his trading tools, he became progressively more involved in developing software. This presented new kinds of decision challenges, ones which afforded more time to consider choices, but required different skills. Eventually, as the need for technology expanded, he gave up trading completely and crossed over to the “dark side,” eventually becoming head of technology for the Susquehanna International Group, a global quantitative securities trading firm. There, a culture of “Rational Decision Making” and understanding and valuing risk led to an even stronger commitment to the importance of learning good decision skills.

After a decade of coaxing electrons around, Dave decided to try to give back by sharing his experience. He became Executive Director of the Decision Education Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by teaching them decision skills. After two years there, where he led the development of their first online decision skills course, he moved on to pursue a different approach. As the founding Executive Director, Dave oversaw the development of the programs and operations of the Alliance for Decision Education. After four years, he chose step down from the role of Executive Director to have more personal time. He continues as a Senior Advisor and Community Liaison, providing subject matter expertise, and building relationships, especially with those in Decision Research. But the mission to help youth, was and still is the motivator for Dave’s continuing effort with the Alliance for Decision Education. Dave holds a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.



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