Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.


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Welcome to the Alliance for Decision Education. Here you will find resources to help you talk about and teach decision skills to your children and students, improve your own decision skills, and help us build the movement and field of Decision Education.

If you believe that better decisions lead to better lives and a better society, join us. Please sign our pledge and connect with us on social media. Together we can ensure Decision Education is part of every middle and high school student’s learning experience.

What is
Decision Education?

What is the Alliance for
Decision Education?


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Introducing Our Decision Education Blog

What do you remember about your favorite teacher? Maybe you recall a few interesting facts from their class, but you probably appreciate the ways they taught you to think about yourself, your choices, and your world... Read more

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How We Got Over 6,000 Students Interested in Decision Education

Decision Education: sounds like something your students need, right? But maybe it also sounds like a big undertaking to get started at your school — and it wouldn’t be worth it if you couldn’t get student buy-in.... Read more

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